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Mountain Biking
Copper Falls
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There are lots of biking/mountain biking options in the area. Feel free to ride the road in our Forest, just please stay on the road.


Late Spring/ Early Summer is usually an ideal time to paddle or float the Moyie River.  Check with a local outfitter in  Bonners Ferry  or check The USGS Waterwatch website to check river flow.  Our forest land is surrounded by the Kiniksu National Forest, which is part of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest.  The nearer Ranger station is in Bonners Ferry.


The Moyie River has trout fishing but flow is usually too swift where it runs by our Forest.  We usually see fly fisherman fishing pools south of our cabin off of Moyie River Road.  The nearest lakes are Robinson Lake and Sincair Lake.


Copper Falls is a short drive plus a short hike from the cabin.  It is one of the highest in Idaho. Old growth forest with restroom and picnic facilities are located at the trail head. 


Walk the 15.4 acres around our property.  Don't miss the hike to nearby Copper Falls.  Numerous USFS trails are close by.  Idaho Dept. of Lands also allows public access to a majority of their land.  If you see No trespassing signs, please respect our neighbors property.


Wildlife is everywhere in North Idaho!  Be especially careful driving around dawn and dusk. In our forest we have seen: Deer, Elk, Moose,  Black Bear, Snowshoe Hare, Ermin, Squirrels , Chipmunks, a variety of Birds and Ducks, Turkey, Grouse Owls, Hawks, and Eagles.  Nearby Robinson Lake has wildlife viewing and the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge outside Bonners Ferry has wildlife viewing and good short hikes.  Copper Falls is a short drive plus a short hike from the camp.


If you bring your Passport, several very nice hot springs are north of Cranbrook , BC.  A reasonable drive from the cabin but you may want to stay overnight.


Nearby Robinson Lake has a boat ramp.  Smith Lake, Bonner Lake are also in the area.

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